Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tis the season for poker bonuses

The next month or so always seems to be the best time of year to play poker. The sites seem to all throw out great bonuses and other freerolls and incentives to ensure the casual players hit their site in particular during their holidays.

The casual players drink more and are relaxed more and give their money away more easily as well.

All in all, a win win situation.

After Fulltilt's bonus the other week, Cake has now pumped out a nice little reload which i'll also take up. Only 25% to a max of $100, but since they don't deduct fees, it's free money to go along with my rakeback. From memory their bonuses expire in 90 days which is tons of time to get it cleared. If anyone could confirm that would be handy. They're also running some other promotions in the lead up to xmas.

Looking forward to seeing what the other sites have to offer.

Has anyone heard anything about wbcoop this year? I haven't heard a word. Surely Stars are running it again???

Fulltilt bonus cleared: $88
Fulltilt bonus remaining: $212
Days left: 23

Current bankroll: $22,400
November time played: 31h30m
November profit / (loss): $1,650

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