Monday, October 5, 2009

Long weekend kickoff for the month

Well you'd think a long weekend would mean gettin in a heap of poker....

Unfortunately no, although I have played a couple hours. It's been an interesting session or two though, where the swings have been 60 or so BBs downwards, followed by a crawl back to even to end each session.

The weekend had been fairly generous in providing fishy tables to play at on both Cake and Bodog - although a few did dry up when I cleaned out my fish, so I had to quit as the remainder of the table were generally tags.

Overall in net BB terms I would be down as the fish have been slaughterin me at $1/2, but that's been more than made up with some okay, but not great sessions at $4/8.

Current bankroll: $20,000
October time played: 2h
October profit / (loss): $100

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