Monday, October 26, 2009

A few more software battles

Played about an hour in total since my last post, with a bit friday night and monday night. After the wedding I went to on Saturday I was just too knackered to play on Sunday at all.

I went to try to play pacific, and then found i'd accidently deleted it in my rush to get my PC working when my database had completely filled my hard drive causing it to grind to a halt. Simple enough, you'd think, just download and install again. Apparently not. First time I downloaded it, I got a slightly different version which installed itself to a slightly different directory. This version was particularly annoying as it had a different log in screen which required me to select cash or play money, as well as having a number of options blanked out.

Went to click uninstall, which then came up with an error, and so just deleted it manually, then deleted a couple remaining files from my previous email. Downloaded the software again, and installed from scratch. This time it has installed the correct version, with all options available. Go figure. But finally back in business.

In my couple sessions I struggled a bit to find decent tables whilst messing around with software. Started really well ... down about 40BBs before recovering them all from a couple fish at $3/6 and $4/8. Pretty non descript sessions though as I lost a couple big hands when my full house was beaten by a bigger full house, and another ran into quads. However, I also then won a few big one's when a couple aggro muppets decided it was a good idea to bluff and raise into three other players on every street where they were drawing basically dead to my top set.

Current bankroll: $20,700
October time played: 13h
October profit / (loss): $800

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