Monday, October 19, 2009

Forgot to reload

Sometimes I'm more scatterbrained than I ever thought possible. Logged into Bodog the other day to check whether my monthly reload had been paid with the plan to reload again if that was the case. Promptly then forgot to reaload and only realised I hadn't done it today. Only missed a couple days, but still, not a good sign that i'm forgetting that kinda stuff. Maybe I need to exercise my brain more.

Can't say I really have played much poker since the weekend. Maybe 60 hands where it was a struggle to find, and stay at tables that were fishy enough to be worthwhile playing at. In fact of the few tables that were running several were in the low 20%s of players seeing the flop. Ugly.

Ended up dropping more than a few BBs on the $1/2 tables, but made a couple at $4/8 to come out only slightly down. Had one interesting opponent that I had to take a note on who was fairly aggro, and more than willing to three bet the flop with top pair and no kicker against my early position open raise. I ended up capping the flop with my top two pair, and he called me down. In hindsight he was probably aggressive enough that I could have check/raised the turn instead .. but as per usual, I generally don't play made hands slowly.

Current bankroll: $20,750
October time played: 10h30m
October profit / (loss): $850

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