Monday, October 12, 2009

Intermittent monitor problems

I seem to be cursed with PC hardware problems these days. I can't remember having this many issues with a PC before. Now my monitor has decided it doesn't always like the power connection, and occasionally turns off and wont turn back on without reseating the power cable several times. Add to that the DVI input also appears to have connection issues and occasionally disconnects for a split second which effectively restarts the monitor.

So far no really horrible results caused by this - although one hand on a $1/2 table I had AQ and ended up getting timed out preflop because my screen was blank, only to later see i'd have flopped my A against a maximum of two opponents.

As an interim solution i've switched power cables, and then also switched my monitor from DVI to VGA. Currently cursing having to do this as once you've had DVI, there's no way you want to go back to the fuzziness that is VGA. It's not terrible, but its not a super sharp digital picture either.

After all that screwing around I ended up having all of about 15 minutes for poker, and struggled to find any good tables so never really got started. Although I did make a few BBs on the $1/2s another few at $2/4 and a few more at $4/8 for a $50 gain. Basically I stayed just long enough for one of my huge fish to get cleaned out on one of the tables - pity he didn't give much of it to me though.

Current bankroll: $20,300
October time played: 7h30m
October profit / (loss): $400

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