Sunday, October 11, 2009

$1/2 revenge

With the day off work on Friday, and a spare few hours on the weekend I played a few hours of poker including one of the Cake gold card tournaments.

I still dunno how you tourney guys do it. The cake tournament was a rebuy which had what I thought were very quick blind rises. Starting stack of 1,500 chips, and at the first hour break the blinds were 500/1000. I'd improved my chip stack to 9,000 at the break which was probably slightly below average. I'd survived one lucky all in earlier on during the rebuy period where I had 2 pair and my opponent had the straight, but hit my boat on the turn. Anyways, about two orbits after the break I'm fairly shortstacked compared with only 7,000 chips left and see K2s in the sb with it folded to me. The big blind has a few k more chips than me, so I push all in. He flips AA and its gg me. Just seems frustrating to me to spend over an hour for nothing.... although I did have some cash tables open at the same time.

I guess if I really think about it i'm not far off even from a whole month of cash table play - but it just doesnt seem the same .. and its not.

Speaking of the cash tables, one $1/2 table donated me 50BBs in the space of about 150 hands where I hit quite a few TPTK hands, which miraculously held up multiway relatively often. Made another around 40BBs on another $1/2 in a later session, and I more or less broke even on the $4/8 and $5/10 tables for the weekend.

Things were looking a little poorer when I was down 25BBs on a $4/8 table where I had position on a huge aggro muppet running at 85/45, and I just could not hit a hand ... until ... I had 99 and he'd as usual raised UTG. It then got capped by one of the blinds so was already a big pot preflop. Flop was an amazing 966 with two spades. I didn't play it fast on the flop which I think in hindsight was possibly a mistake, although I did get to raise and cap the turn which was a Qs completing a potential flush draw. Would have been disappointing if either opponent had 66 or QQ but I'm almost always going to be betting and capping here. Anyways both opponents didnt have it and that 25BB pot put me over halfway back to even, and a couple other small pots before quitting left me only a few BBs down.

Current bankroll: $20,250
October time played: 7h
October profit / (loss): $350

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