Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yoyo sessions continue

Played almost an hour since the weekend, and have again posted one of those sessions where I've started horrifically before recovery most, if not all.

The $1/2 tables on Bodog smashed me for 50BBs in the space of half an hour, spread over two or three tables. Missed a few draws, and got sucked out on quite a few times by the fish, and it was looking ugly. It is amazing how quickly you can lose a lot of BBs on some hugely fishy tables. Come the next half hour and it's turned around completely. My big hands start holding up, I hit a flush draw or two, and i've recovered 45BBs.

Then it was my turn on the $4/8 tables, where again, I can't hit anything to save myself. On one hand I have a huge hand with top pair, an OESD, and 2nd nut flush draw up against two players - one with an underpair and one with a gutshot. Inevitably the guy with the gutshot rivers his two outer, and I lose a 20BB pot. That really was the story of the session there.

Made up for it on a $5/10 table though where again I started off horribly with Ks9s versus JsTs with both of us going for a flush draw in a huge multiway pot, and him rivering the Td. However, a few hands later I have the nut flush draw and am up against the second nut flush draw which we both hit on the river and he is happy to cap the river betting. So that single pot puts me up over 10BBs after another relatively poor start. I think I would have cried if he had shown the straight flush ...

Current bankroll: $20,000
October time played: 3h
October profit / (loss): $100

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