Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pokertracker database change

I finally got round to one of my goals for the year - changing my Pokertracker database from Access to Postgres SQL. At first the process seemed a lot simpler than i'd first thought, and the installation was done within a couple minutes.

A while later and i've converted several of my existing databases to SQL, and was applauding how simple it was.

Then I opened a few tables, and tried to run Gametime+ .... fail ... some kind of authentication error code "80040e4d" so that it could not access the database. Then spent half an hour surfing for a solution whilst playing three $1/2 tables, and mostly found a bunch of dead links ... great.

I have hopefully now found a patch that works now and will try tonight, but i'm not holding my breath. I know that I need to upgrade to Pokertracker3 by March next year, so this may even accelerate that upgrade if it doesn't work. It will also give me a more informative HUD so is probably worth doing anyways.

On the plus side, I found that I could fairly comfortably play the three tables whilst surfing around - although I was quickly 30BBs down after a string of beats. By the end of the half hour I was back to even relying on player notes rather than a HUD. Most of my notes simply gave VPIP and PFR, but even that is enough to spot the big fish.

Got credited a few rakeback dollars as well, so now i'm back to my peak bankroll that I last saw on the 30th of August.

Current bankroll: $20,350
October time played: 8h
October profit / (loss): $450

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