Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PT3 may be sooner than I thought

My new version of gametime+ occasionally freezes up, which also freezes up my bodog client - a big problem when you're in the middle of a hand.

With this added issue, I think it's time to download the PT3 trial, and make sure that it works perfectly with my PC. Knowing my luck it probably won't, but i'll give it a go in the very near future. Apparently you get 60 days free, so that is plenty of time to check it out and get it up and running correctly before I have to fork out any cash.

When I do eventually need to buy it, i'll probably go through Pokersource as their store seems to be a relatively cheap way to obtain it.

Had an interesting little session last night, where in the first 15 minutes I only won one hand whilst playing on four concurrent tables. It wasn't looking real good, and I was prepared for a very painful session. Being midweek there weren't many tables running so 3 of them were only $1/2 and the other a $3/6 table. At least my single winning hand was on the $3/6 table....

For the next 15 minutes though, I just could not lose a hand - the absolute opposite of my initial run where I was down the best part of 50BBs. All of a sudden, most starting hands seemed to be premium pairs or AK. Even my T2o in the big blind hit quads on the turn. By the time the fish were cleaned out (which didn't take long) I was back to a few BBs up. I then had to quit as my fish had been replaced by TAGs.

I found one really nice looking $3/6 table, but ended up just sitting on the waiting list for the entire half hour, and the seat opened up just as I was quitting. Oh well.

All in all, pretty happy with the session, even though I didn't really make much. It's funny how psychologically you feel pretty good with not much more than a break even session, but it always seems the case when I start off with a horrific run.

Current bankroll: $20,750
October time played: 11h
October profit / (loss): $850

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