Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pokertracker3 installed

Downloaded Pokertracker3 last night and installed without any hassles and now have it running as a trial. Converting my existing databases wasn't quite as user friendly as i'd like though.

I started with Bodog where I have about 50,000 hands in my database and hit the convert option from within PT3. The first few hands flew through before hitting the wall at about 1,000 hands where it started to process about 10 hands per minute. Obviously that is never going to finish, so time to implement plan b.

So I fire up PT2 and export my bodog database to text files. This takes all of 20 minutes and then about another 5 minutes to import into PT3. Problem solved. Cake then imports fairly quickly although since I only have a few months of raw hand data, and for those months I haven't been playing much Cake there weren't that many hands to import. Pity really, as I'd like to know how i've been going overall on Cake as it seems to have been a site i've regularly withdrawn from. I do the export / import with Pacific as well withouth incident.

Next up though is the challenge - Fulltilt - about 300,000 hands. I waited until this morning to start this one and figured i'd just leave it running if it took too long. Started my text export and it flies through the first 230,000 hands in about 25 minutes, before suddenly hitting the wall and slowing down to about one hand per second or two. At that rate it's going to take another day or two, but I figure if I just leave it running maybe it will pick up pace again .... I'll check when I get home from work tonight.

Setting up PT3 seems to be very simple with most sites being automatically detected. I ran a couple tables in between exporting and importing, and the HUD came up very quickly on each table. I still need to set up the HUD with the stats I like though. I'm currently thinking VPIP, PFR, AFq, WTSD, FBBTS, ATS. I then may add 3B, FSBTS, FTCbet. I don't really use those three stats, but I really should be I think.

Might post next time about each of those stats and how I use them. I have been using AF in the past, but have to get myself up to speed on AFq asap.

Current bankroll: $20,800
October time played: 11h30m
October profit / (loss): $900

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