Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stinkin it up at $1/2

I still can't take a trick at $1/2. Dropped about another 40BBs last night, so had a quick check of my stats so far this month. Overall, i'm showing down less than usual, and winning significantly less than a normal percentage of showdowns. I have to put that down to running pretty cold, rather than any obvious consistently bad plays.

Fortunately though i've made a few BBs at the $4/8 level again to at least maintain my bankroll rather than losing some fairly big chunks. I am about 150BBs down at $1/2 for the month - which would be far far worse if it was at $4/8. Variance can easily do that to you though - I guess that's why they invented bank roll management.

Current bankroll: $19,950
October time played: 4h
October profit / (loss): $50


Anonymous said...

I played some $1/$2 FL at the start of the month and ran awful, down the tune of 80BB, wasn't impressed at all. I think I should have dropped to $0.50/$1 and limited my losses TBH

parttimebonuschaser said...

depends mate, if the tables are still fishy and your bankroll is enough you may as well keep at it.

that being said, dropping back and finding even fishier tables can help the confidence.