Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where did everyone go?

Jumped on for an hour last night, hoping to find a few big fish, even though midweek is normally pretty quiet on the tables.

Quiet would be a huge understatement. Cake had one table running between $1/2 and $5-10. I can't remember ever seeing it that empty. Maybe they'd just had a reboot ....

Bodog was the same with literally no 6max tables running so I sat down at a 10 handed $2/4 table which only had five seats filled so was effectively playing six max.

I then opened Pacific - no tables running at all for 6max $1/2 to $5/10. Argh. Then opened a microgaming site, and they had 2 E1/2 tables going although one was surprisingly full of TAGs. This was my first attempt on Microgaming since installing pokertracker3, and it would not import properly. Afterwards I decided to read the instructions, and this was easily fixed - clearing the database after importing is apparently extremely important.

I ran fairly averagely when I did get a seat, and really should have kicked off a Fulltilt points sitngo but didn't think of it.

One hand cost me a fair few BBs where I had TT on a 88T flop when the river was another 8 and of course my boat doesn't hold up ... but apart from that there weren't many big losers or winners.

Current bankroll: $20,700
October time played: 14h
October profit / (loss): $800

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