Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sometimes the fish amaze me

Played a home game with the boys Friday night, and after that didn't get in a lot of online poker over the weekend. Probably a little under an hour online all up, but in that time ran super hot against some super fish.

Won about 10 BBs on a couple $4/8 tables, and well over 50 BBs on the $1/2 tables in a very short space of time where the fish kept on paying me off.

Add a $100 bonus credit and my weekend was pretty good, even without putting in any volume.

Thought i'd share a couple hands where in the first I was just scratchin my head when I saw what the guys had at showdown, and the second happened where I was allowed to check my big blind with trash ....

Hand 1

$1/$2 Limit Holdem • 6 Players
UTG 105.85
UTG+1 37.26 (very loose fish)
CO 46.07 (tightish but passive)
BTN 31.60 (passive fish)
SB 163.23 (huge fish 80+ vpip)
Hero (BB) 100.00

Pre-Flop (1.5 SB, 6 players) Hero is BB with AsKs (not a bad first hand at the table!)

1 fold, UTG+1 calls (could have any 2) , CO calls (tightish overcall .. mid strength hand?), BTN calls, SB calls, Hero raises (well this is going to be a big pot!), UTG+1 calls, CO 3-bets (interesting overcall then raise ...), BTN calls, SB calls, Hero 4-bets (no turnin back now - if this hits it will be a monster), UTG+1 calls, CO calls, BTN calls, SB calls

Flop (20.0 SB, 5 players) 7s4s2d (happy with a flopped flush draw here)

SB checks, Hero bets, UTG+1 raises, CO 3-bets (hmm .. a big pair .. surely not 77 with the 3bet preflop?), 1 fold, SB calls, Hero 4-bets (debated for a second here whether to just check or raise further - i figure these guys probably can't fold though in a pot this big), UTG+1 calls, CO calls, SB calls

Turn (18.0 BB, 4 players) 3s (the virtual nuts .. sweet)

SB checks, Hero bets, UTG+1 calls, CO calls, SB calls

River (22.0 BB, 4 players) 3h (you gotta be kiddin me! I'm still bettin out though)

SB checks, Hero bets, UTG+1 calls, CO calls, SB calls

Final Pot: 25.2 BB Hero shows
Hero wins 25.2 BB (net +19.2 BB)
UTG+1 lost 6.0 BB 8s6h (seriously wtf was that flop reraise and the river call with 8 high??)
CO lost 6.0 BB 8c8h (can't blame him too much for callin down in the huge pot)
BTN lost 2.0 BB
SB lost 6.0 BB 4h5h (called 3 cold on the flop with a pair and not much ...)

Hand 2

$1/$2 Limit Holdem • 5 Players
UTG 40.50
CO 28.50
BTN 113.25 (passive fish)
SB 70.06 (loose but somewhat aggro)
Hero (BB) 96.50

Pre-Flop (1.5 SB, 5 players) Hero is BB with 6s2s

UTG calls, 1 fold, BTN calls, SB calls, Hero checks (thanks for lettin me check that)

Flop (4.0 SB, 4 players) 2c6c6h (hehe)

SB checks, Hero bets, UTG calls, BTN raises, SB folds, Hero 3-bets (i figure a club will kill any action so may as well bet here. might be a mistake, although I suspect that every time you bet a huge hand it's a small mistake at worst, whereas slowplaying can be a bigger mistake), UTG calls, BTN calls (happy that both called!)

Turn (6.5 BB, 3 players) 3d
Hero bets, UTG calls, BTN calls (both called again .. bonus!)

River (9.5 BB, 3 players) Ac (awesome flush has hit - please let one of them have it)
Hero bets, UTG folds, BTN calls

Final Pot: 22.5 BB Hero shows
Hero wins 11.0 BB (net +7.0 BB)
SB lost 0.5 BB
UTG lost 3.0 BB
BTN lost 4.0 BB Kd6d (all he needed to do was bet preflop and the pot was his ... I would have raised the turn in his position too)

Had a few of those hands where I was able to check my BB and on two occasions hit my trips on the flop and quads on the turn. From memory in one hand I had T4o and hit quad Ts, and the other I had 83o and hit quad 3s. All I can say is thankyou for the fish. It was also kinda nice to have a session that wasn't full of suckouts.

Current bankroll: $20,750
October time played: 10h
October profit / (loss): $850

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