Sunday, August 2, 2009

New August goal

Got my email from Fulltilt the other day offering a $100 bonus for basically trying their new software.

That's my second bonus there in the space of two years, and probably takes my equivalent rakeback to somewhere near 50% so there's no doubt i'll be clearing as much of it as possible. I think i've got another week or so to take it up, so i'll hammer out a few hands on other sites to maintain my status before I take this one up.

So my new goal will be to clear as much of that bonus as possible, once I accept it.

The weekend's play ended up a bit of a non-event. I put in more volume than normal for about three hours play, up to six tables at a time, and pretty much broke even on the tables, so would only be up a nice little rakeback credit.

I can't even remember any hands of interest, although at one stage I had a VPIP of 0% on a $5/10 table after three orbits. A bunch of which I would have flopped monsters .. but you just can't play 54o versus a raise and expect a flop of 367r.

Current bankroll: $19,700
August time played: 3h
August profit/(loss): $0


TiocfaidhArLa said...

I only joined FT on July 21st and I'm clearing my $600 startup and now this $100 in parallel. I thought that it was like this all of the time. Seems easy to clear, so I'd get on to it and knock it over.

Still impressed with steady progress toward $100K and beyond.

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate.

The only reason to delay taking it up is that it will delay the expiration date, so gives me more time to clear off my other bonuses first.