Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friggin cat

Haven't had much time to play lately so not much to report, although still managed to get in half an hour last night. I ran into one maniac who was running at around 80/60, and often giving away a lot of BBs to various players around the table. Unfortunately for me, the only time he seemed to hit, was when I was in the hand.

I then found myself in a pretty big pot when all of a sudden my mouse stopped working. I knew the batteries were low, and quickly switched it out with a new one. No response. ARGH ... luckily my keyboard has a touchpad built in for a mouse, so I switch to that just before I get timed out and can raise the turn.

Phew. Thought I was in trouble there. Pot is already about 15BBs and I have top set on an uncoordinated board.

River is a blank, and I go to bet ... wtf? now my keyboard isn't working. Panic sets in as I try to figure it out ... I put the keyboard on the charger just in case it's flat as well. Nothing. The charge light doesn't come on.

I get timed out and fold to one of my opponents bets who had middle set.

I then realised that the cat had been behind the PC earlier, and had pulled out the power cable to the usb receiver/charger for the keyboard and mouse. FFS. That was costly. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere, and cat haters will point it out .....

I think I dropped about 35BBs all up, and that would have recovered quite a few. Scored a decent rakeback credit and have cleared some of the fulltilt bonus, so losses aren't as big as they could have been. Hopefully the weekend goes better.

Current bankroll: $19,900
August time played: 8h30m
August profit/(loss): $200

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