Monday, August 3, 2009

Lose 30BBs, win 25BBs = okay profit

Played a 30 minute session last night ranging from $1/2 to $5/10 up to six tables running at once. I think i'm fairly used to having varying stakes (and sites) up simultaneously so don't have any problems with misinterpreting the bets on any tables.

Ran pretty card dead again on the $5/10 table which was annoying, and I think in about 25 hands i'd only two playable hands - 66 and KK. My 66 was from the button and got 3 bet by the big blind, however, flopped Ks6s2d and I got called all the way to the river. My KK was up against AQ and an Ace flopped so I got cracked there.

$1/2 was a bit of a horrible run, dropping a quick 45BBs at one stage before recovering a few. Up against some monster fish, who just kept on sucking it out, however, this was made up by a $3/6 table where I was up about 30BBs within the space of two orbits before eventually quitting 25BBs up.

At the end of the day a solid result for me: +$100 even though negative in BB/100 terms.

Current bankroll: $19,800
August time played: 3h30m
August profit/(loss): $100

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