Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New distraction

Grabbed myself a new distraction from poker - Ashes Cricket 2009 for my wii. I'm thinking that will take up a bit of time, and creep into the spare time that was poker time.

I'm sure i'll get sick of it sooner or later, but for now i'm it will be a good time waster. Probably getting a wii motion soon as well, which i'm sure i'll give a fair crack.

On the poker front, i've played less than half an hour, and only on a table or two as the fishy tables just didn't exist. That being said, made a few BBs on the $3/6 table, after ealier losing a little on the $2/4 table to a 90/40 maniac. He was running at -66BB/100 ... but actually winnning from me before giving it to the other players.

Hopefully I can find some half decent tables to play on tonight ... or possibly i'll be playing Wii...

Current bankroll: $20,150
August time played: 10h30m
August profit/(loss): $450

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Scampman said...

I've been thinking of getting the new Wii sports game. If I get it I'll let you know if it's worth the cash.