Monday, August 24, 2009

A weekend without poker?????

I think that would have been the first weekend for me (excluding honeymoon) that I haven't played a single hand of poker for at least a year. And admittedly it didn't really bother me too much.

I got out mountain biking, and unfortunately decided to crash, and fell through a thorn bush which wasn't all that much fun. After an hour of the missus pulling out thorns from my back i'd had about enough ....

I really should have been wearing all my body armor. Oh well. Live and learn - at least nothing broke! Fair bit of damage to the bike though, and I need to get some new gloves as they now have a few holes through the fingers.

The AFL dreamteam went okay, alhtough I did lose in one league against a chump which was disappointing. In my league where its for cash, winner takes all, i'm into the grand final this week so will be watching that closely on the weekend.

Hopefully i'll get in some poker as well this week!

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Sacha said...

Imagine breaking both of your wrests and not being able to play for 3 months ;-)
I go mountainbiking twice a week. I find it typically a sport for grinders. When i go MTB on my own sometimes i come across a group of biking tourists ( i live in belgium ) who are 20-30 persons and i look at them and say : yes, it's me , the individual, that takes your money at the tables you group of sheeps !!!lol