Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back on the tables

Finally got back to the tables last night for a solid one hour session. Table selection was a bit of a battle though, and I found myself swapping in and out of a few tables, and never had more than three running.

Ran like turd when I had position on a 60/3 fish and to his right was a 95/20 muppet. I just could not get a hand to hold up, and found myself quickly down 30BBs. Eventually though with them continuing to play trash I recovered, and when I had AdKs on a AcJd4d flop and I had a caller who then decided to three bet a diamond turn, and also capped a diamond river with the Kd versus my Ad nut flush, and i'm suddenly making a half decent profit for the session.

Given my limited play this month I won't be qualifying for my usual freeroll. Not really concerned about that as it saves me from getting out of bed at a ridiculous hour next month.

Current bankroll: $20,300
August time played: 12h
August profit/(loss): $600


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