Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ripping through the Fulltilt bonus

I thought the fulltilt bonus might take a while to clear, but was definitely wrong there as i've got through over 25% in only a couple sessions.

I also found myself on the right side of a bunch of dominating hands in my session, such as K8s versus K3s, AK versus A9 etc, and was even flopping the top pair. Unfortunately four out of four managed to suck out their 2nd pair on the turn or river, which left my session looking a little poor.

Overall down around 25BBs at $3/6 offset slightly by a rakeback credit.

Hoping to run a little better over the weekend, although am fairly busy so might not get in much volume.

Current bankroll: $19,550
August time played: 6h
August profit/(loss): ($150)


illian said...

hi m8 , nice approach to the game. How do u mean br interest ? U put ure winnings on separate account ?

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah i generally take out half and put it in a high interest account

sachabuyck said...

i'm approaching the 10K $ milestone so i'm half way yours !!! I just started a blog, if u want u can add it with the " blogs i follow " section . Gl in future m8

Sacha said...

but it's the illian blog i mean