Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raining quads #2

Signed up for the fulltilt bonus last night and fired up a number of tables between $2/4 and $3/6. I don't actually have that much money on fulltilt, so that's probably as high as I can go for the moment, unless I deposit more.

In this session I then saw quads no less than 5 times.

Of these I went to showdown on three of them, and unfortunately for me, on all three my opponent was the one to have the quads. In fact, the only time I won was when I had KK and flopped KdKs4d, only to see a raise, and reraise infront of me, which I though about for a second before three betting being fairly sure someone was on a diamond draw. Fold fold. argh.

For the one I got away from I actually had an overpair to the board, but it was coordinated and I was facing two or three to the face so folded. The first two losses at showdown I had the top boat, and obviously lost a lot of bets to quads on each occasion. The final showdown loss was in a blind v blind battle, where my AJ on a flop of AKQ was obviously no good when he has QQ and also turns a Q.

Had a few other problems with the super aggro types getting lucky - for example I managed to lose 6/6 AK hands, with one paricularly bad one where it was capped preflop, and i'd also had the opportunity to raise the flop when it came as AJ3r. In the end I found I was up against QQ and 88. Obviously 88 then calls two cold on that flop ... and then rivers an 8.

Overall after an hour I was down about 40BBs at $2/4 and another 30BBs down at $3/6 and things were not looking at all pretty.

Then a couple saints came along on a $3/6 table where they were willing to bet and raise with hands like 62o on every street, on a board that flopped AA8r .... with me holding A8. Inside of 20 minutes and I leave the table with about 35BBs profit which left my session still at a loss, but a much less significant one.

Current bankroll: $19,650
August time played: 5h30m
August profit/(loss): ($50)

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