Monday, August 17, 2009

The poker subconscious

Didn't realise how ingrained poker has become into my psyche until the weekend, when I woke up at about 3.30am Sunday morning.

Something must have kicked off in my mind that it was the third Sunday of the month, which meant that my $5k freeroll was beginning in an hours time. I hadn't even read the email that i'd been advised that i'd qualified for it, so I've got no idea why it would suddenly come to mind when i'm basically asleep.

I ended up getting up for it at 4.30, and played some reasonable poker. I'd kept a little above the average stack with a few steals, and a couple cbets, but didn't really get too many hands.

I had about a $4k stack with blinds at about 100/200. An aggressive button with only a $2k stack raised 3xBB first in and I was sitting on 88. I figured I may as well see if I can resteal here and pushed all in ... only to see him snap call and flip over AA. Flop with an A and i've got no chance in the hand, and am back to a short stack.

I then received a few good hands (AKs) that held up with a couple all ins, and all of a sudden i'm second at the break.

First hand back i'm looking at KK and face a raise and reraise, which I shove to, and am up against QQ ... flop Q high .. and i'm now back to the middle of the pack again.

Eventually I dwindle down to about 7BBs and find A8s on the button and folded to me, which I shove. Big blind then calls with AA ... wtf .. i've run into it again. And i'm out, but at least in the money for around $100 so not a complete waste of time.

Haven't actually got in much poker in the last few days. That hour and a half is about it, and played a little cash at the same time to win a few BBs on the $5/10 tables, and have also finished my fulltilt bonus. Back over the $20k mark for the bankroll again though which i'm happy with. Its always a little disappointing to hit a milestone and then drop back below it for a period of time.

Current bankroll: $20,100
August time played: 10h
August profit/(loss): $400


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