Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Win 45BBs, lose 40BBs = small loss

Another 30 minute session mainly on $2/4 to $5/10 resulted in a hot run on a $3/6 table where I won 25BBs in the space of 15 minutes where I hit several monster hands including a couple AAAxx boats which somehow had two callers all the way to showdown.

A solid winning run on the $1/2 table also provided me with a nice little return where I had found myself a 90/10 fish who also showed down 80% of the time, and often with complete air.

Unfortunately that was offset by a poor run on a very fishy $2/4 table where I dropped nearly 25BBs. One of those nasty little runs, where I played only 20% of hands, went to showdown only 25% of those, and only won 33% ... ugly.

Add on another 10BB loss on a $5/10 table where I was again totally card dead, and i'm actually a few $ down for the session, although that has probably been made up through rakeback.

Might sign up for the fulltilt new software bonus tonight and start cranking that out for hopefully a nice little profit.

Current bankroll: $19,800
August time played: 4h
August profit/(loss): $100

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