Thursday, August 20, 2009

Limited play

Still not playing much - too much wii action instead, although the shoulders are getting a bit sore ....

In the time I did get onto the poker tables, it was a fairly regular session, with me sitting to the left of a couple fish, who happily donated me a few BBs here and there.

One of them was a bit more aggro than your usual fish, and would donk into my PFR with virtually anything, including queen high. Unfortunately for him, a couple times I had 2nd or top pair, and an over pair against another of his donks. After my reraise he was paying quite a few BBs to see a showdown whilst drawing very slim.

Its looking like a busy weekend this weekend, as i'm still looking to buy a house somewhere, so not sure how much poker i'll get in.

Its also prelim finals for AFL dreamteam, which i'm still in, so hopefully I have a bit of luck there as well.

Current bankroll: $20,200
August time played: 11h
August profit/(loss): $500


The blindman said...

Have you ever tried sitting at a too tight table? I've recently started playing on Party Poker again, and am finding quite a lot of nitty players around 22/12 and less. If you open up correctly in the button and cutoff, you should be able to make a pretty easy profit at those tables.

In fact, I'd much rather play against a passive nit than a huge lag that might be way too loose preflop but who is also very aggressive post.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Haven't tried it, and not really convinced. I guess if people do fold enough you might be able to steal for a profit, but i'm not sure it would be enough to cover the high rake at the low stakes i'm playing.

I figure i'll just stick with the passive fish as a priority

Scampman said...

You've got the new Wii Sports as well then!

parttimebonuschaser said...

yep got it the other day