Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take 2 promotion

Decided i'll do the Fulltilt take2 promotion which requires you to play at least 2 tables and earn 1 point for a certain number of days to get a bonus, which increases the more days you play.

1 point doesn't take all that long - maybe one orbit at $2/4 at the most, so I figure i'll try to play it every day for the $50 bonus. If you're not already signed up to fulltilt, feel free to go through my rakeback site - Bonus Chasing Grinder Rakeback .

You actually have to sign up for the promotion through your cashier as well to activate it which is annoying, but necessary.

I played another short half hour session last night, mainly on the $3/6 tables with a couple $2/4s briefly on full tilt. Made a solid 15BBs in the first couple hands where I was dealt monsters as soon as I sat down which is always nice. You not only look like a maniac, and get paid off more when you raise first in for your first few hands at a table, but that image gets to stay with you for at least most of that session.

Current bankroll: $20,150
September time played: 1h
September profit / (loss): ($200)


theshocker7 said...

easiest. promo. ever!

you can earn 7ftps with a $1 in tourney reg fees so i expect a solitary $5 pot will earn you 1 FTP!

all my busto mates with banrolls less than $10 are celebrating

TiocfaidhArLa said...

I agree that it is the easiest promo ever. On thinking it through though, it is fairly easy for a competent player to play 2 tables so from FTP's perspective it will pay itself off easily.