Sunday, September 6, 2009


Only another short session on the weekend, which started horribly.

I think within half an hour I was down about 50BBs, most of which were on a super fishy $5/10 table, where i'd again found four opponents with VPIPs over 50, and only one overly tight TAG on the table.

My four fish then took me apart, and in the first half hour I didn't win a single hand. Not one in approximately 45 hands. Ouch.

I recovered most of it though as they continued to play trash and not suck out on me. Pity I also dropped a few BBs on fulltilt doing their take 2 promo, which i've hit every day so far in order to maximise it.

We also had a home game friday night which was great fun again. A new player joined us for the session, who didn't know too much about the game, and decided to go all in with AA on the river with a board showing 4567x. He later went all in in the second game with a two pair AK on a four heart board with neither of his cards hearts. I had two hearts and was fairly disappointed to see the fourth heart hit the board on the river - however I had the second nuts so bet it and he called.

Overall I broke about even for the session, and in those games its not about profit or loss but more just playing the game and the banter and sledging between mates.

Hopefully i'll have a decent session online soon. Some rakeback will also help the fairly sad looking record for this month so far.

Current bankroll: $19,900
September time played: 2h30m
September profit / (loss): ($450)

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