Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick stats check

I've played less than 1,000 hands for the month so checking them is going to be fairly meaningless unless i'm making some kind of huge errors.

It looks like i've simply been running pretty cool, with a 26% wtsd intead of a normal 39% or so, and of those i'm only winning 29% where normal is more like 50%.

Running that poorly is always going to cause a nasty little dip to your bankroll.

That being said, in half an hour last night I at least made a few BBs - even though my big hands still can't seem to hold up .... well actually AK held up once versus AJ. The last few days that would have either been a split pot or I would have lost it.

The tables were pretty fishy so I could easily have made a lot more, but I seemed to whiff quite a few flops in multiway pots. Unless I have a decent draw in those situations I tend to just let them go to much aggression - particularly where I have 3 opponents and a passive fish bets into me.

Current bankroll: $19,800
September time played: 3h30m
September profit / (loss): ($550)

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