Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Horrible result partly avoided

Over the last couple days i've actually got a few hours in, and even found some super fishy tables and the $4/8 and $5/10 limits.

Unfortunately for me, I ran into some fish running super hot, with at least one player on each table running with a vpip of 65+ combined with a went to showdown of 50+ and a won $ at showdown of 55+. Effectively that means they're running super hot ... which obviously means someone else on the table is running super cold. That would be me.

After not much more than an hour I was about 80BBs down - and at those limits that's about $700 down. Pretty ugly for me considering i've been hardly making that much in a whole month lately.

The tables were plenty fishy though so I stuck at it and recovered about 60BBs in another couple hours. At least that saved me from tearing my hair out completely.

A quick check of poker tracker confirmed I was running fairly cool. I was going to showdown a fairly standard 40% of the time, but only winning 40% rather than closer to 50%+. Having a quick look through individual hands, and AKo was only winning 13% of the time and was showing a fairly significant loss, which if running normally would basically cover all of my losses and then some for the month. A9o was the only other stand out, which had not won a single hand in 13 appearances.

On the plus side, I should be getting a nice rakeback boost from playing those limits for several hours. I generally had four tables running, so that will generate a lot of rake, although towards the end of my session the higher limit tables had run out of fish so I had to drop back to $1/2 and $2/4. No point staying on a higher limit table if it's not fishy enough.

Current bankroll: $19,750
September time played: 9h
September profit / (loss): ($600)

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The blindman said...

Awesome recovery. You can feel absolutely sick after dropping so much so quickly. IMO there's no better feeling than recovering most of the losses of some sick cooler.

The main issue is keeping tilt under control, but you have that pretty well sussed.