Thursday, September 3, 2009

Muppets strike back

Had a fairly poor run in my last session, where it seemed every flush draw for me missed, whilst any gutshot, flushdraw, or two outer would hit my fishy opponents.

I even found a $5/10 table where four of the other five players had a vpip over 60 - and I still couldn't seem to win many showdowns.

Could have been worse though as at one stage I was down an extra 20BBs on the $5/10 table after a series of nasty suck outs.

Hopefully the weekend will be more successful.

I've kept up the Fulltilt promo, scoring about 3 or 4 points per day. The whole month will net me a huge $50 reward - however - i've already dropped more than that so far.

Current bankroll: $20,000
September time played: 1h30m
September profit / (loss): ($350)

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