Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday night search

With my wife out to dinner friday night, I had a couple hours for poker.

Problem is, Friday night Aussie time, is Friday morning still for the majority of the poker community.

So, in order to find at least a few decent tables, I ended up having to open Fulltilt, Bodog, Pacific, Cake, and even purple lounge for the first time in months. Even then I struggled to have open more than a couple tables.

The rocket scientist that I am, didn't even think of opening a few fulltilt points tourneys ... duh

Anyways, I actually ran fairly well, and made a solid 40 or so BBs spread between 1/2 and 4/8. Would have been a few more, but now my PC decided to overheat and pause on me, which cost me a few pots. It obviously had to happen in the 5 minute span that I actually had 5 tables open for.....

Current bankroll: $19,900
September time played: 11h
September profit / (loss): ($450)


The blindman said...

You should check out the 5/10 game on MGS. It's been running most nights for the last week or so, and has been inhabited by at least one megafish (like 70/10 and 50WSD) and a whole stack of bad (loose) regs.

The blindman said...

By the way, if anyone wants a really good VIP deal on Purple Lounge, they should check my blog for details. Excuse the spam, Bort :)