Thursday, September 17, 2009

My first security scare

Received an email this morning from Pokersource thanking me for my order.

Rewind a sec .. thanks for my order ... I have not even logged into my pokersource account for over a month.

Logged into my account, and sure enough, there was an in progress order for a transfer to redkings.

This made me a little suspicious, partly because I don't even have an account at redkings ....

Anyways, I jumped onto the Pokersource customer service chat who incidently responded immediately which I was quite impressed with.

It then took all of about two minutes to get the order cancelled and my password changed to something else just in case.

I'd be surprised though if it was me actually having my password breached at my end, particularly as I haven't even logged into pokersource for a month or three. Weird. I'll have to check if there's anything happening on 2p2 regarding this kind of incident.

All in all, a good result for me though, and I understand the matter has been sent to their management.

On the router front, since resetting and manually entering my settings, it appears to be working okay, but I only put in a small session so its difficult to really conclude anything.

My session was okay, although I missed about five draws in a row which would have drastically improved it. Maybe i'll hit a few in a row next time.

Not sure how much play i'll get in on the weekend, but hopefully I can get some volume through this month soon. I'm also due some rakeback which for some reason hasn't been showing up, although it won't be a huge amount.

Current bankroll: $20,050
September time played: 5h30m
September profit / (loss): ($300)

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