Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slightly closer to profit for the month

In a quick session last night, I was able to win about 30BBs but only at the $1/2 and $2/4 level, as very few tables were running that I thought were worthwhile sitting at.

I sat down at one fantastic looking $5/10 table, where I had replaced one of the fish, but there were still three big fish left at the table. Then first hand after i've sat down one of the fish leaves. Next hand another fish gets stacked, and now there's only one left that I don't have position on. I quickly had to uncheck the auto post blinds, as I was about to be dealt my first hand. Funnily enough the last fish then quits on that hand that would have been my first.

I'm still staring down the barrel of my first losing month, although with the missus off to netball tonight I might get in an hour or two of play and you never know. I've got a fair chunk of bonus cash coming in from Bodog, but that won't appear till the middle of October so I won't include that either.

Thinking about it though, i've had several stretches over 30 days before with being down - it's just that they didn't happen to occur between the start and end of a single month where I would have recorded it as a loss. Either way i'm not too concerned with what happens tonight. I'll get it back in the long term plus more, and I won't go out of my way to try to force it to happen.

Current bankroll: $20,100
September time played: 12h30m
September profit / (loss): ($250)

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