Sunday, September 27, 2009

FT it takes two done

Completed my $50 bonus on fulltilt over the weekend. Overall a net loss of about $40, which is actually a lot better than the $200ish that I was down on the site at one stage. Still annoying to get a bonus and actually still be losing.

Didn't get a lot of play in after Friday night - maybe half an hour all up to complete the bonus. Ran okay in that time and found a few fish who sucked out slightly fewer times than they didn't suck out, so made a few BBs here and there.

I've also replaced my router with wireless N instead of G. Much faster throughput which is kinda handy, although for some reason my msn messenger has actually dropped out a couple times. No issues yet on the poker tables, but maybe i'll have a look at changing channels in case there is some interference. Knowing my luck the one time it does break for me playing poker is when i'm involved in a 20BB pot.

The voip through it also appears pretty good, but i'll wait for the wife's verdict, as that's really what counts .....

The bankroll is still down for the month, but slowly crawling back up, and I have at least hit the $20k mark again - hopefully it stays there this time. I'm also about to withdraw another couple hundred from RakeBackStat as well which will go straight against the margin loan for my shares.

I think I will also sort through a couple other of my poker accounts which I don't really use but have cash on. No point in leaving cash idle on various sites i'm not going to play on.

Current bankroll: $20,000
September time played: 11h30m
September profit / (loss): ($350)

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