Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More tilt inducing than a bad beat

Is when your internet connection decideds to go flaky, and your nuts gets folded out. F me. My router almost became a frisbee.

I thought i'd fixed my issues with my router reboot the other day, but I was incorrect. Doesn't happen often ....

So after losing a $100 pot when my connection decided to drop mid hand, it was time for some more repairs.

I'm still a bit suspicious of my router, or possibly my wireless usb stick attached to the PC, but figured i'd tackle the router first. A quick firmware upgrade followed by a factory reset and manually re-entering my setting had me back in business.

No issues with connectivity so far, but I won't hold my breath, and have started researching new voip wireless routers just in case. Not sure which brand is best though, and am almost considering looking a commercial grade routers.

Even with that loss on the tables, I still ended a few dollars in front, when the fish were paying me off.

I had AA cracked by one particularly loose and aggressive fish, and a few hands later I received 5d4d in the big blind. He raised from early position and got three callers so that was a no brainer call from me. Flop was a fairly sweet 5s4sTc, and my check/raise got three bet by aggfish. I'm thinkin there's no way i'm behind here - surely he doesn't have TT, so I cap it. Turn is an even sweeter 5h which fills me up. After my bet and his raise on the turn, there's still three runners, and I just can't put him on TT although it's in his range, he's aggro enough to be spazzing out here with AT or an overpair or even a spade draw. I three bet and he caps and the other guy folds which isn't a great sign, however a spade hits on the river giving a flush which I bet into again. He just calls and shows AA for a mighty two pair.

Had a couple other fairly trashy hands hit monsters from the big blind on the flop or turn, so that's probably what kept my session in the black.

Current bankroll: $20,000
September time played: 5h
September profit / (loss): ($350)


The blindman said...

Well at least that's your three :)

I think some of the really high stakes guys are very careful about network reliability - double ADSL connections and wired Ethernet only.

parttimebonuschaser said...

probably right mate, but you also have to remember the wife factor.

if her phone calls arent working through voip or a dropping out, its not a happy time!