Sunday, May 3, 2009

When a loss feels like a win

Once again managed to have a horror start to the month.

Within the first hour on Saturday i'd dropped 50BBs on the $3/6 tables even though they were super fishy. Played another hour though and recoved about half of it when the fish finally began to pay me back but unfortunately for me they were then replace by TAGs.

William Hill (ipoker) can be a bit like that. There are quite a few fish floating around in the pool, but also a fair few sharks just waiting to spot a big fish and eventually they all jump in to feed on the same fish. I guess its where table and seat selection discipline really has to come into play, as your once fishy tables can rapidly change into rock gardens where if you are chasing losses, you're just not going to be successful.

Sunday I managed to claw back most of the rest of my earlier loss, mainly playing between the $2/4 and $3/6 tables on William Hill again. Although I was still a few BBs down, it actually felt like a good win, as i'd started so poorly on Saturday.

It would be interesting to compare with say a session where you start out with several big wins but end at only a couple BBs up. Those sessions I tend to end up being a bit disappointed - even though i've actually come out on top, whereas in this last session I'm probably even more confident in winning than before.

Also with the RakeTheRake bonus rakeback at William Hill this month, I suspect i've almost accrued as much rakeback in 3 hours as I did in the previous month on that site. It does accrue quite quickly at the $3/6 level.

Current bankroll: $17,400
May time played: 3h
May profit/(loss): $0

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