Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to ice cold

Had a horrible weekend on the poker tables, where it seemed every fish was able to suck out on me the majority of the time.

In fact looking at my stats, I was going to showdown only 30% of the time as opposed to high 30s which means basically i'm missing quite a few flops. Of those showdowns I actually only won 30% of them - which is so far short of the usual 50% that it puts me down about 15BB/100. Muptiply that by about 800 hands and its not pretty at all.

Most of it was at $2/4 where I dropped virtually 100BBs (although at worst it was down to 120BBs), Maybe 20 BBs at $3/6, and a small gain on the relatively few hands that I played at $1/2.

Basically, if there was any card in the deck that could help my opponent, it was guaranteed to hit on the river.

So now i'm playing catch up again for this month. Great. Oh well. Back to the grind and i'll get it back up there. I should also receive a half decent rakeback credit on Tuesday which might make the bankroll look marginally healthier.

Current bankroll: $17,300
May time played: 13h
May profit/(loss): ($100)


The blindman said...

Horrific cooler. 100BB is very, very nasty. Hang in there and they will repay you in the end. I can recommend Eurolinx and Cake as being pretty fishy at the moment.

BurnleyMik said...

Ouch! Hope you get out of te downswing mate.

Good Luck.