Monday, May 18, 2009

Brief but still stinky

Played for just over half an hour last night, and managed to still stink it up on the tables.

I had two quite good $3/6 tables running on William Hill where I basically broke even for the session, thanks to a couple nasty little beats early on where my AT < A4 thanks to a flopped A and rivered 4, and then on the second table about 2 hands later my AK < A9. Evened that out though when my hands decided to hold up later on in the session.

I also found a nice little Cake $3/6 table where I had position on a very loose passive fish, and two to his right was an aggro muppet, who thought hands like 92s were were open raising from MP, and then capping to a 3 bet from my AA. Runner runner spades and that was not a great start. Add in my QQ running into AA, and then my KK not being good enough to beat JJ, and a few hands later my 66 on a paired board losing to 44 when another 4 rivered and it was not looking good. In the end I won a total of one single hand out of the 46 I played. Luckily for me it was a massive pot and I only ended up about 15BBs down after winning a solitary hand for the entire session.

So the current downswing is now somewhere around 130BBs from my peak balance. Yuck. I'll keep seeking out the fish and hopefully it will turn around in the very near future!

Current bankroll: $17,200
May time played: 13h30m
May profit/(loss): ($200)

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