Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And another 30BBs ..

.. down in 30 minutes.

Managed to run into 3 flushes in my short session, as well as a few nasty river As when villain had A high prior to that. I have to say I was sure I was on the right table though. One opponent thought it was a good plan to open limp 74s utg. When the flush hits on the river, apparently it is.

I actually won 2 hands this time in the 40 minutes which is an improvement on the previous session. One was actually a pretty big pot where I had called with K9o in the BB and flopped Kd9d3s. Another 9 on the turn filled me up and I was happy to cap both the flop and river against what turned out to be A9o. If not for that hand the session would have been even worse.

AJ is a bit of a bogey hand for me at the moment too, and i've lost with it the last 5 times i've played it with each time either scoring an A high flop (versus trips) or a J high flop (versus a bigger pair).

Thankfully I did receive a bit of a rakeback credit, so not a huge hit to the bankroll.

I'm sure i'm due for a heater soon ......

Current bankroll: $17,150
May time played: 14h
May profit/(loss): ($250)

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