Sunday, May 10, 2009


You know that irony is going to catch up with you whenever you post on your blog about anything.

Now it was only a few days ago that I mentioned about a loss feeling like a win when you start off badly down and end up only a little down, or conversely feeling like a loser when you get off to a great start and end up only winning a small amount.

I played almost 2 hours over the weekend, and managed to get myself up all of about $150 at one stage. It was a decent grind with a lot of fish chasing as the tables seemed to be tighter than most weekends. Anyways, in the last half hour I managed to drop $100 of that. Not through any bad plays or too many nasty suckouts. Just a few hands where I had say trips, and got riverd by a flopped flush draws. It happens reasonably often, but a few of them in a row turns a potentially fantastic session into a mediocre one.

Should have accrued some decent rakeback though since i'm on the William Hill double rakeback deal this month, so its not all bad either.

Every weekend coming up to the wedding is looking pretty busy as well now, so I think May might end up pretty light on for hours played. Although with a few days off before the wedding maybe i'll get in a mammoth session or two?? Might be wishful thinking.

Current bankroll: $17,550
May time played: 6h30m
May profit/(loss): $150

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