Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thanks for the goodwishes from my last post guys.

I will actually be taking a break shortly .. but that's cause i'm getting married and will be off on the honeymoon. So when the posts disappear for a week or two, you'll know what i'm up to ...

As for playing other games, i'd have to research how they should be played first, so that will take some time. I might even read the harrington on cash games for NL. Will see. I suspect i'll just stick to fixed limit, and just play through the variance. I've dropped over 300BBs before so I know I can recover it easily enough.

As for last night, I played another half an hour with 3 pretty nice $3/6 tables running with a fairly friendly 70/3 player to my right on one table and a couple 60/20s on the others.

My stats ended up as:

VPIP 28.6%
PFR 20.4%
WTSD 13%
W$SD 0% (yes I didn't accidently leave off the first digit .. zero percent)

Needless to say .. there went another 40BBs in 100 hands in about half an hour. I had a few nice draws including an oesfd which obviously kept missing.

The bankroll freefall continues. Keep the faith I say.

Current bankroll: $16,750
May time played: 16h
May profit/(loss): ($650)


The blindman said...

I started playing NL after watching a few Stox vids - mainly Ed Miller. I joined Stox with my Eurolinx points.

I noticed a couple of things straight away: first that the swings seemed less severe, and second that because you play tighter off the button, it is much easier to multitable.

BurnleyMik said...

GL on switching to the NL games mate, but they are pretty damned tough to beat, even at the low levels.



ps. hope the wedding goes well!