Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Bankroll progress is still going somewhat slowly, however, at least in the right direction after about an hour and a half last night.

Again I managed to find myself up against some massive fish 70+/5ish although one was extremely aggressive post flop. Problem was he actually had a hand in a number of showdowns against me, and then pissed his cash up against the wall against others with total air on boards showing AKQ .... irritating.

Thought i'd post a couple hands of interest, one of which being the difference between winning and breaking even for the night - however, now i've found my converter is broken for one of the hands.

Hand 1: (excuse the lack of conversion. dunno why its not working)

Texas Hold'em Limit $3.00/$6.00
Seat 1: Hypah ($179.05 in chips) DEALER (new to table - seemed overaggro and very loose pre)
Seat 3: JOESY36 ($121.80 in chips) (FISH)
Seat 5: Hero ($139.35 in chips)
Seat 6: Bernaow4i ($225.40 in chips)
Seat 8: lillpaula ($110.50 in chips)
Seat 10: RACEDRIVER1 ($106.95 in chips)

JOESY36: Post SB $1.50
Hero: Post BB $3.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [DA DQ] (Nice)
Bernaow4i: Fold
lillpaula: Fold
RACEDRIVER1: Raise (NF) $6.00 (hopefully this is a steal raise)
Hypah: Call $6.00 (nice cold call)
JOESY36: Call $4.50 (and another cold call)
Hero: Raise (NF) $9.00 (hate my position here, but I surely have equity)
RACEDRIVER1: Call $3.00
Hypah: Call $3.00
JOESY36: Call $3.00
*** FLOP *** [DK D9 S3] (nice .. nut flush draw)
JOESY36: Check
Hero: Bet $3.00 (betting out here with my draw - lets try to lose any small pockets)
RACEDRIVER1: Call $3.00
Hypah: Fold
JOESY36: Call $3.00
*** TURN *** [C8] (Blah missed)
JOESY36: Check
Hero: Bet $6.00 (lets see if i can drop out at least Joesy)
RACEDRIVER1: Call $6.00
JOESY36: Call $6.00 (oh oh .. I better hit)
*** RIVER *** [H2] (ack ... missed again. so i'm A high, three ways)
JOESY36: Check
Hero: Check (hmm maybe i can see the showdown for free. don't like my chances)
RACEDRIVER1: Check (awesome)
*** SUMMARY ***
Dealt to Hero [DA DQ]
Dealt to JOESY36 [D5 D6] (great to see this)
Dealt to RACEDRIVER1 [S10 SJ] (even better to see this! he was actually drawing fairly thin)
Total pot $60.00 Rake $3.00
Hero: wins $60.00 (a nice pot with A high)

Hand 2:

$2/$4 Limit Holdem • 6 Players
UTG 204.7
UTG+1 78.2
CO 142.98
BTN 59.01 (huge fish)
SB 34.1 (tag had just replaced my fish and I hadn't clicked off auto post blinds yet. irritating)
Hero 96.9 in the big blind with Kd9h
Pre-Flop (1.5 SB, 6 players)
3 folds, BTN calls, SB calls, BB checks (didn't think I had equity to raise pre)
Flop (3.0 SB, 3 players)

6h8h4h (2 overs and a heart draw .. although only 9 high. decision time)

SB checks, BB checks, BTN bets, SB folds, BB calls (i'm checking here first up as my hand is pretty weak. I'm not that happy with the button bet, but he had actually bluffed air a few times on coordinated flops earlier. I decided to peel. In hindsight this probably should have been a fold. Pot is tiny)
Turn (2.5 BB, 2 players)

Th (okay so that's my flush hit although i'm behind to AKQJh)

BB checks, BTN bets, BB calls (not that happy with his bet here. He's probably got a bigger flush - but since he was FOS before i'm going to showdown)
River (4.5 BB, 2 players)

7h (hehe .. that's now my first straight flush for quite a while. Now i'm hoping he actually has a hand ... the Ah would be great)

BB checks, BTN bets, BB raises, BTN calls (I thought about betting out, but decided since he was fairly bluff happy I should be able to get in a c/r here. Worked a treat. I guess I didn't really deserve that hand as I played it poorly but it makes up for a few of those nasty suckouts inflicted on me. I decided to quit then because of that poor decision and the TAG who had sat down on my right).
Final Pot: 8.1 BB
BTN shows Qh6d
Hero wins 8.1 BB ( won +4.1 BB )
BTN lost -4.0 BB
SB lost -0.5 BB

Overall I only ended up making a few BBs but most of my play was on the $3/6 tables so I should also have a fairly nice little rakeback credit coming soon.

Current bankroll: $17,600
May time played: 8h30m
May profit/(loss): $200

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