Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Found some fish ...

Played for about an hour and a half last night, on a couple brilliant tables - one had the 3 players to my right with VPIPs over 60%, another had an aggro dude who was raising any two preflop and on the flop. And again I managed to drop another 40BBs in pretty quick time.

During the session I ran:
  • an A high flush into a 2 hole card straight flush
  • a fullhouse into a bigger fullhouse
  • AA into JJ .. turned J
  • QQ into 47s capped preflop, flop 68Tr, rivered 9 (47s seems to be my opponent bogey hand)
  • AK into T5o (raised preflop) on a flop of 886
  • AT into 46o (raised preflop) on a flop of 57T
  • KK into TT
  • KJ into T7o on a KJx flop
  • and probably several more ....

Overall, just under 30% W$SD. Hopefully my cooler will finish soon .....

Current bankroll: $17,000
May time played: 15h30m
May profit/(loss): ($400)


The blindman said...

Jees, commiserations. This is starting to sound like my December and January. Maybe now is the time to try something a little different.. PLO? NLH?

The blindman said...

Or maybe take a break and enjoy your life for a while :)

nemo said...

yo m8 this is what happens when you only play LHE but i'm sure you're already aware of this. Why don't you make a temporary transition to NL or possibly LO/8? Seems like it might be a good idea for awhile.

Nice roll btw!

BurnleyMik said...

I feel that pain fella. The hardest thing for me to beat at limit though is the rake!!!

Anyways, hope the downswing ends soon.