Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comment response

Thought i'd make a post for comment responses so its easier to find later. I know in the past i've had trouble finding responses.

BurnleyMik said...
Hey fella,

what sort of VP$IP, PFR and AF do you run at in the 6-max games and what is the standard for full ring???
I know you are an experienced LHE player and just wondered if you knew.


Short answer is I aim for 30/20/2 .... but am more like 28/20/2 at 6max in reality.

Not sure what the standard is for full ring, but at a guess it would be significantly tighter based on the kind of starting hand chart i'd use in full ring versus 6max.


The blindman said...

I probably run at similar numbers to bcg, or a little laggier. I tend to mark as fish anyone with over about 40 VPIP or under 1/2 PFR (compared to VPIP). AF is not that useful a stat. I find aggression percentage to be more useful.

BurnleyMik said...

Cheers guys. Appreciate the feedback.

Was interested to see how the VP$IP and PFR closeness were in relation to NLHE where you want them as close together as possible.

Once again thanks