Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unusual weekend - where did the fish go?

I played an hour and a half total over the weekend, although I had the opportunity to put in a bit more time than that. Problem was I just couldn't find enough tables that I deemed profitable enough to be worthwhile.

At one stage I had three running, which quickly dropped back to two, and then a single table before I could even find another worth playing on.

In the end I had to look a bit broader than where i'd normally play. And as luck would have it I spotted one of my known huge fish on a $5/10 table with an empty seat on his left. He runs at around 80/3 .. so is incredibly loose and passive preflop. Basically if he raises first in I let everything go except premium pairs. Funnily enough he then turns super aggro post flop, often raising or checkraising the turn with as little as 3rd pair, or even air. He still manages to go to showdown 50% of the time though - and is somehow managing to be a winning player over 300 hands. He generally donates to me though.

Half an hour later, and i'm up about 35BBs ... so all is not lost for the month.

Still .. it was somewhat disturbing to not be able to find enough tables to play on. Very unusual for a weekend. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

Edit: Almost forgot - i'm off for a couple weeks, so probably not much poker, and no updates. Be back in June. Good luck all

Current bankroll: $17,100
May time played: 17h30m
May profit/(loss): ($300)


nemo said...

It's always pretty horrible when you can't find fishy tables.

I've got a question for ya mate. How come you don't put in more hours? Perhaps play a few MTTs like $11 on Stars or something like that. Might be a little bit more profitable than your current grind. I do understand that you only play as a hobby and don't take it serious but I figure you could make a decent buck if you grinded a few MTTs along with your LHE cash tables.

Best of luck mate. I really enjoy following your BR progress.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Cheers Nemo

A few reasons why I dont put in more hours -

a) work :)
b) other things to do, friends to see, sport to play etc etc
c) family that I don't want to ignore for large chunks of time

I guess that kind of explains why I don't do MTTs - they're a big time commitment all in one block - especially when many of them take multiple hours to get decently into the money. You also need to want to concentrate for that long too. I'd rather go off and do something else after an hour or so.

nemo said...

Those are very good reasons! I felt the same way before my son's mother divorced me in March. Ever since then I've been grinding MTTs and SnGs and have been doing ok at it. Usually putting in about 4-5 hours a day.

With that being said, live your life to it's fullest and you seem to be doing a good job! From what I can see you were a decent MTT player. We both qualified for the WBCOOP and had a good go at the main event.

In other news, I'm moving in with the guys next week and hope to turn a profit like yours! Wish me luck mate!

The blindman said...

It's always good to leave on a win rather than a string of losses.

Best wishes for a great wedding and honeymoon. Don't think about poker!!