Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Table and seat selection

I've decided to keep on going with my table and seat selection nittiness.

In the last couple days i've only managed to play for all of 10 minutes, and in that time i'd have opened and closed at least 15 tables. If the seat i'm allocated doesn't have a fairly loose player on my right i'm more or less getting up straight away.

As luck would have it, it seems every time I sit down there's a 30/20 tag on my right ... or at least not someone loose enough that I want sitting there.

I've decided to make a few small exceptions though -
  • I'll play with a tag on my right if there is a very loose and showdown bound fish on his right. I should still be playing enough hands against the fish with a large enough expectation for it to be worthwhile.
  • If the majority of the table is fishy and the player to my right is tight but passive.

Otherwise, i'm pretty much just getting up and waiting for a better spot. It does also mean that when a fish busts out on my right and is replaced by a TAG, i'm getting up at the next BB.

In terms of play i've made a few BBs (mainly through one 80/5 guy who then had an AF of 3, so calling him down with medium hands in a couple spots was profitable) in my limited time at the tables, and got credited a nice chunk of rakeback, so my bankroll is finally back to an all time high. I should be able to get in an hour or more tonight though so at least i'll be putting in a bit more volume than the last couple days.

Current bankroll: $17,450
May time played: 3h30m
May profit/(loss): $50

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