Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just long enough to catch the fish

Sat down last night hoping to play for about an hour, but ended up running short by 30 minutes. It was a bit of a struggle in the midweek at off peak hours to find fishy tables, but I did get on a half decent $3/6 and $2/4 table, as well as a bunch of very fishy $1/2 tables.

On the $3/6 and $2/4 tables there was only one reasonably big fish, and on each he was sitting directly on my right, which was perfect. I stayed at those tables until both fish ran out of cash and ended up making a solid 10BBs on each. Unfortunately when they left, they were replaced by TAGs so I had to leave as well.

Bodog was much fishier, with one table having 4 players with VPIPs of over 70. They then proceeded to suck out on me quite nicely and I probably dropped 20BBs all up. Frustrating.

Overall though, not a bad session, and at least still going in the right direction. I received an email from Everest offering a $300 bonus for 3,000 Everest points. I believe that to be a pretty decent equivalent rakeback rate, so might consider doing it this month. Although 3,000 is probably raking about $500 at 6max versus raking $300 at fullring. Not sure yet.

Current bankroll: $17,500
May time played: 4h
May profit/(loss): $100

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