Monday, November 10, 2008

Poker bonus status

Sometimes its kinda tricky to keep track of where you are at when clearing multiple bonuses at a time, so I thought i'd better step back and work out exactly what I have outstanding that needs to be cleared.
  • *Interpoker - Earned a little over 1200mpps out of 1500 required by 30 November to clear around $370. This is priority #1.
  • Bodog - Reload bonus of $200, which i've probably cleared about $50. Expires 26 November, but you don't have to clear the entire bonus to receive it - effectively you earn it to the nearest 1c which is quite generous. I'll reload again as soon as it expires and pays me out.
  • Cake - Reload bonus of $100, which i've done $30 of. Haven't played much cake since the first day or two though. I think cake bonuses last 60 or 90 days, but clear in $10 chunks so there is no real rush to complete this one.**
  • Party poker - did a small 8x reload just to maintain my party points before they change their points system in December. Only need another 50 points for about a $10 bonus so takes no time at all on $2/4. Probably priority #2 as it wont take long to clear and does expire in a week or so.

*Already credited my bankroll for $150 in Oct
**Since it clears in $10 chunks i've already received the $30 into my bankroll.

Hmm .. I guess its not all that difficult to track, but is relatively easy to forget about a bonus, particularly if you open other sites as a priority and find fishy enough tables to play on.

I put in under half an hour last night, and made a few BBs on Cake $3/6 and Interpoker $2/4. The bodog $1/2 tables managed to be losers .. again. I just cannot seem to run even remotely warmly there, but it doesnt really matter if i'm winning a few BBs at higher stakes. At least my Interpoker balance is starting to head in the right direction - hopefully it keeps going as i'm fairly sure I will play their monthly bonuses each month as well after I clear this sign up bonus.

It was a bit of a struggle to find fishy tables last night and I ended up opening a few that I only sat on for an orbit or two when they started with an average players per flop of 50% and then promptly dropped to 35% as soon as I joined.

I also received my credits for the weekend's efforts on Bodog .. only about $20 which was a bit disappointing given my loss there .. but better than nothing.

Current bankroll: $13,850


Game101 said...

wow.. bankroll has really grown since you started. Keep it up... if i was any good at cash i would be tempted to sign up.


parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate.

i think with everyone, stick with what they do best .... and looks like tourneys really are you game.

good luck