Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got called a fish

Only got in another 15 minutes of poker or so last night, but hopefully will be able to put in a longer session tonight.

I only need about another 60mpps on Interpoker to finally get my 150 pounds + $120 so really lookin forward to that. Might not be able to make it tonight still, as the time i'll be playing is when Crypto is particularly dead - although double ups will probably be running but won't give me enough mpps.

In my session last night I found myself up against a guy who berated me for being a fish. It was on Cake, and only a $1/2 table as there were no juicy larger tables running. I had notes on this guy from a number of times I played against him. They read something like:

"Aggressive muppet. Huge VPIP & PFR. cbet 3x wth air. Can c/r flp wth air. Call down any pair. Reraise light". (as well as a few examples of his plays after that)

Anyways, i'd seen him earlier attempt to steal the big blind from the SB and then 3 bet the big blind's reraise with 94s preflop and then he bet the flop, turn and river on a board of 4TJr, 7,5. BB had AK.

For my hand against him, I find myself with 99 in the CO, and raise preflop.
  • He is the only caller from the BB on a flop of J36r.
  • I bet, and he check/raises.
  • I'm thinking there's a chance he has a J but based on my notes I can't really fold here in a 7sb pot as there's a good chance i'm ahead given his tendency to bet air.
  • I'm tempted to 3bet but don't - possibly a mistake, but for some reason it felt a bit thin against the check/raise even with my notes on him. (plus the fact i'm in position and if he is bluffing he can keep barelling off)
  • The turn is an 8 and the board is a complete rainbow which he bets and I am calling down here (again possibly a reraise is better).
  • The river is a hail mary 9 which he then bets again so I obviously raise.
  • He calls and shows J3o for a flopped 2 pair... and then goes mental calling me a total fish amongst other things.
  • I just had a bit of a laugh although couldn't resist calling him a muppet for his J3o call - I know I shouldn't have said anything, but he just got madder.
  • Unfortunately I then had to quit - which probably pissed him off even more - but it would have been nice to take some more $ from him.
On the other tables I really didnt have a lot of luck. In one hand I had QTo and had hit my queen on the flop. The board ended up 4 flushing with the A on the river to give me a Q high flush, only to be up against the K high flush. The other biggish pot that didn't go my way was my AQ flopping A76r versus TT and JJ only to have a T hit the turn. Missed a couple draws and didn't hit a single one which didn't help. Ended down about 10BBs overall but it could easily have finished the other way.

On the poker points front from my last post, I forgot to mention I do have about 7k FPPs on stars, so I need to find out what is the best way to turn them into cash. (bearing in mind I have $0 bankroll on that site). Any ideas would be appreciated, although I could probably quite easily look it up on 2p2 myself. (and have to trawl through various rubbish ideas to find the right answer).

Current bankroll: $14,100

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havin_a_laff said...

sweet justice... I AM a fish but I would have been laffin my head off at that one... and would try really hard not to reply which would have made him tilt even harder. I find replying to abuse just makes me start tilting - a bit like road rage.