Monday, November 24, 2008

Poker points

One of the small benefits (or problems depending on which way you look at it) of bonus chasing is that you also accrue a bunch of poker points. The problem is they're usually a relatively small amount, and spread across a stack of different sites.

Some of them are relatively simple to convert into cash -
  • Bodog - converts 1 point to 1c with a minimum of 500 points
  • Party poker - converts 1 point to 1c with a minimum of 2000 points (or so .. i should check that one)
  • Everest - 1 point = $0.004

Others, not so simply, where you need to use your points to enter tournaments and hope to cash in those tournaments, or qualify in those tournaments and cash in the next tournament down the chain.

For example, I have about 20k points on Full Tilt, and i've decided to use them on the 1800fpp sitngos where the top 3 win a $23 (or so) tournament entry ticket. I think the next step is to enter a tournament and try to cash, or enter a satellite and hopefully win another ticket that I can deregister for tournament $ and then play lower stake tourneys. Sounds like a pain in the ass? Well .. yes. Cake is similar but using Gold chips instead of points, which I have a fair stack of. Cake also has gold cards which i've occasionally converted into cash through tournaments. I have one fairly rare Cake gold card that i'm hoping to be able to convert to cash directly sooner or later whenever it comes up in their lottery.

Other sites you buy bonuses with your points which basically convert them to cash, but you need to actually have earnt enough points for the bonus, and then you have to play through to clear it.

Finally, other sites have points that dont actually do anything at all. Go figure.

Many sites also have a shop that you can convert your points into stuff. I generally prefer cash, but there are probably decent options out there.

I really need to go through all my sites that i've signed up for and cashed out of to see if I have points that I can use for something - effectively I had basically written them off if they didn't convert directly to cash, but obviously they do have some value that I may be able to extract.

I'll have to look at what I can do with relatively few points on Pacific, Interpoker, Ultimate bet, Mansion, Gnuf, Sun, Littlewoods, Titan, Cake, William Hill, 24poker, Pokerroom to name just a few. I'm still wondering if my Fulltilt method is the best as well or if there are better options.

So far i've played in one of the 1,800 FTP tourneys and won a $23 token. It basically played like a double up sitngo since it has a flat prize structure.

Didn't actually get to play much last night - maybe 10 minutes for virtually no movement in the bankroll.

Current bankroll: $14,100


havin_a_laff said...

Really admire you for having a mind that can cope with all that information. I have enough trouble just playing the game...

TiocfaidhArLa said...

I'm with laff ... you have this thing down to a real science.

If you can convert to double-up S&Gs you should be able to realise the $$$s on the side while you multitable by just folding your way into the money apart from premium hands with a shove.

It'll be interesting to see what you come up with.

zero to hero said...

cant you use the $26 token from tilt then register in a tourny, deregister from that then take the money??. people seem to do that on tilt through the 1800 sng

parttimebonuschaser said...

Zero -

With Tilt when I unregister it just gives me back the token.

Thats why i'm thinking you have to take the next step in actually using it for a cash tourney, or in the event of a satellite tourney you win an entry there which does deregister for T$

TiocfaidhArLa - i wasn't actually aware tilt has double ups. although I know stars does now so maybe I can use some stars points to get into those somehow. I think i have about 7k FPPs on stars from memory. would be a bigger bonus if they have them on tilt where I have more points.

zero to hero said...

you could always save till you get 6 000 000 and get a mini cooper!!!!

The blindman said...

I like Eurolinx points. You can use them to buy useful stuff (books, Stox subscriptions, computer stuff) at a reasonably good rate.