Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poker theory refresh

Well, i'm about to take off on holiday, so wont be playing any poker for a week or so, so there won't be too many updates (if any) until i'm back. I may get in a little over the weekend and maybe Monday but will see.

I've decided to take my two main poker books (stox and borer) with me to just refresh myself on some of the key theories of shorthanded play. Maybe spot a leak or two in my game that needs fixing. Given I haven't even picked one up for 6 months i'm probably about due for the refresh.

I've also got to get it straight in my head exactly how I play paired boards on the flop. I always find these to be tricky situations.

I even got into a couple today. One with the board reading 995r and me holding QJ and being the preflop raiser. I cbet the flop but got check raised but a quite aggro player. Do I throw it away here? I ended up calling and hit a Q on the turn and called down his turn and river bets. He flipped over 33.

Generally post flop i'm calling down (or betting) if its heads up and I have a pair on a paired board.

Can't say too much interesting happened in my session, although given it was only 20 minutes you wouldnt expect much. I think I dropped about 10BBs ... mainly from a couple fish who called my cbets and managed to hit one of their two rubbish cards on the turn or river. For some reason no one seemed to fold .. which would have been good if I had been actually hitting my cards.....

On the plus side, only 200mpps to go and i've finished the Interpoker bonus.

Current bankroll: $13,950


TiocfaidhArLa said...

It always depends as you can't be pushed off too easy. 995r check-raise,would be a fold for me with QJ almost always. I never like hitting to find out I was drawing dead or dominated.

I'd always call down with an overpair on a paired board, you'll be right more than 50% of the time, I think. Underpairs are more situational (and a flop check-raise might give you the answer and save you 1.5 BBs over calling).

Look forward to hearing what Stox says. Have a great holiday!

nemo said...

Hey m8, havent been keeping up with your blog lately so I just had a little refresher as to how you're doing and I'm glad to see you're still kicking major butt! I've also noticed that your bankroll is now almost $10,000 more than what it was when I first started following your blog, congrats!

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah good point TiocfaidhArLa.

Cheers Nemo. Its been a nice little run :)